La liste des vidéos

Please note the following. The time it takes for a video to load is dependent on your internet speed. Please allow videos to load as much as possible before using with students, otherwise they may stop in the middle. For best results – Start video, click pause button, wait for video to load, then click play and ENJOY!!!

La liste des vidéos :

1. Videos that support the songs from the WELCOME TO FRENCH KIT (K-1)

2. Des phrases importantes (38 vidéos) sans et avec sous-titres (with and without subtiles) Maternelle à la 6 ième année (K-6)

3. Pratiquer le français avec Zac et Zandréa (20 vidéos) – Complètement en français. Maternelle à la 6ième année.

4. Learning French with Zac & Zandréa (20 videos) with English explanations. (K-6)
(These videos are not recommended for FSL teachers in Ontario due to their curriculum requirements. However, these videos may assist parents of FSL students in supporting their learning at home.)

5. French dance videos (10 videos) – great for kinaesthetically gifted children (K-6)

6. French gesture videos with Jacquot (10 videos) (Great for 5-7 year old children)


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